Four for Friday: June Boom!

Circuit series promos, a new giveaway in June, and more!

1. Circuit Series Player Appreciation Program

Leading up to Gen Con, watch for a new MMCCC player appreciation program. Through this, even fans that are unable to attend this wave of events will still be able to get in on the action! Aside from upcoming tournament details, watch for announcements about participation packages (with exclusive promos), Gen Con prizes, and more.

2. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Effects that gain MP are extremely rare, and they are often conditional. There are currently just four Events in the game that can net MP, and Insanity is the most generically accessible of the bunch. Though this card has natural applications in an Arkham Inmates build, its unique ability to boost MP has huge implications for combo decks – with more potential to grow!

3. June Giveaway

Ahead of our upcoming giveaways for Comic Con (July 18-21) and Gen Con (August 1-4), you’ll also have a chance to win a box next Friday, June 7th! Check back next week for information about entering, then head to the Panini Games Facebook page to participate.

4. Summer Teasers

In the spirit of summer, here are three scorching effects that can be found in the next set:

  • a Character that can enter your opponent’s VP pile for a massive KO effect
  • an Event that chooses a card in the discard pile and prevents copies from being played
  • a Battle Card with the ability to gain MP (see above!) for each card in your opponent’s hand

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