Four for Friday: July Giveaway Info!

Our July giveaway starts next week – find out more below!

1. Fourth of July Giveaway

To celebrate the holiday, we’re entering the month with a new “win a box” giveaway. Starting next Tuesday, you can enter to win by visiting the Panini Games Facebook page and responding to the contest query.

Note: unlike past giveaways, this will only run for three days – be sure to submit your entry before the winners are announced on Friday, July 5th!

2. Card of the Week 


Kitz provides one of the only effects in the game with the potential to recoup an Event, which combines nicely with his ability to set up combos. When paired with effects that draw cards from the bottom of the deck like Rank and File or 1 Special (R125-AT), Kitz can grant immediate access to anything in your discard pile. Outside of specific synergistic interactions, general rejuvenation effects are never a bad thing in an environment that is skewed towards control or mill decks – especially when part of a “recursion engine” (such as using Kitz on Rebirth.)

3. Panini Games at SDCC

The San Diego Comic Con is just two weeks away, and aside from the previously announced live giveaway you can also expect coverage from the show floor, exhibitior photos, and more. Before the online drawing kicks off on July 16th, watch for information about booth details and contest specifics – including boxes of Starter Decks up for grabs!

4. Gen Con Reminders

Last week saw the reveal of exclusive promos for the Gen Con prize pool – and there are still more additions to come! As we approach August, look for new prize details to be announced (including player rewards packages for non-attendees).

You can pre-register for Gen Con’s August 2nd event by clicking here.