Tuesday Tidbits: Summer Freebies!

See the latest contest info below.

1. Fourth of July Contest 

In advance of our Starter Deck giveaway for the San Diego Comic Con (July 18-21), we’ll also be kicking off the month of July with another “win a box” contest. You’ll be able to submit your entry starting on Tuesday, July 2nd – with the winners announced just three days later! Check back next week for contest details, then head to the Panini Games Facebook games to participate.

2. Deck Tech Returns 

Deck Tech is scheduled to return in July, and the upcoming cycle will investigate “top tier” builds before Gen Con. If you’d like tips for your deck (or simply want to see it featured on the blog), submit your list to OP@paniniamerica.net with “DECK TECH” in the subject line.

3. Combo of the Week

Titans are rarely utilized outside of Mono-Titan decks, though Characters like Colossal Titan and Female Titan have seen success when splashed for value. Titan Characters also have effects than can be built around, as evidenced by Proud Titan’s ability to become a KO engine. Aside from Green Arrow, look for other “direct attach” effects to maximize his potential – such as Shifting the Meta and 3 Special (R130-AT) (along with Bizarro for added consistency).