Gen Con Prize Pool Update!

Find new details about the Gen Con prize pool below.

The MetaManiacs Championship Cup event at Gen Con takes place on Friday, August 2nd at 10 AM, and you can pre-register here.

Last year’s Gen Con tournament belonged to the “mill” archetype – what will prevail this year?

A handful of prizes and participation promos have already been revealed, and there is more swag still to come! Today, we can also announce that all entrants will receive play-sets of these exclusive promos:

  • P6-BM Preen
  • P7-GL The Darkness Grows
  • P12-AT Armin Arlelt – Young Genius

Unable to attend Gen Con? Watch for details about obtaining the upcoming player appreciation packs, and be sure to participate in our online giveaway in August. As we approach the end of the month, look for photos of these foils (and other TBA prizes) on the blog – along with more news and notes about Gen Con!

2 thoughts on “Gen Con Prize Pool Update!

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