Tuesday Tidbits: Gen Con Eve!

From San Diego to Indianapolis…

1. Gen Con Giveaway 

Gen Con begins next week, and we’re celebrating “the best four days in gaming” with another summer giveaway! Check back on Tuesday for contest details, including a chance to win exclusive foil promos. Also, be sure to watch on Friday for coverage from Gen Con – along with a followup recap of the Metamanics Championship Cup event!

You can still pre-register for the tournament (with over sixteen exclusive participation promos) here.

2. Championship Cup Deck Tech 

When Deck Tech returns, watch for a spotlight on the builds that make an impact at Gen Con. If you’re unable to attend the event, do you have a deck that you would have been confident to use in the tournament? If so, submit your list to OP@paniniamerica.net to see it featured on the blog!

3. Combo of the Week

As seen in a recent Blue Lanterns build, Rage has potent applications in any Basic BC oriented deck (including Rogues Gallery). However, this combo can also travel outside of Blue Lantern builds, as Kyle Rayner has proven to be a useful splash in several different archetypes. As a final layer of synergy, also look for direct attachment effects to set up mass KO’s before the Battle Step.