Four for Friday: Gen Con Final Reminders!

Get the facts below.

Let’s enter the last weekend before Gen Con with these four reminders:

1. MetaManics Championship Cup Circuit Tournament

This event takes place on Friday, August 2nd – tickets are available here. Check the MetaManiacs Facebook announcement for more info, including a look at the sixteen exclusive participation promos.

2. Promo Giveaway

If you’re visiting Gen Con, you can stop by the Panini America booth at space #2459 in the exhibit hall – with MetaX action taking place in Gaming Hall A (Orange section). Meanwhile, all of you non-attendees will have the chance to win Gen Con promos in our next online giveaway! Check back on Tuesday for contest details.

3. Gen Con Week

The contest will run for three days, with the winners announced on the blog on Friday. Also on Friday, watch for results from the tournament – along with photo coverage from Gen Con!

4. After Gen Con

The following Tuesday will see a return to regular Deck Tech sessions, starting with a look at the top builds from the circuit series event. Also, watch for news about our next giveaway in September!

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