Gen Con Results!

See the photo diary below.

Earlier this week, we asked contest participants to visit the Panini Games Facebook page and a reply to the following question:

What kind of deck would you play if you were attending Gen Con?

Thanks to all that participated in this week’s Gen Con giveaway – and watch for more chances to win soon! See the winners (and their selection) below – along with photos from today’s event! Check back on Tuesday for a breakdown of the tournament, including a look  at the winning deck of Blaine B. (from MXDB):

  • Tommy A. (McGinnis Control)
  • Lucas S. (Villains) 
  • Nick F. (Bat Family)

Lucas Oil Stadium


MetaManiacs Championship Cup Play-Mats


Early round action


Heroic Charge doing work


Champion Blaine B. and TO Dan G.


The online giveaway prize pool!