Tuesday Deck Tech: Gen Con Champ!

See the first place deck from Gen Con below.

Gen Con 2019 has come and gone – watch for more metagame coverage from the event in the near future! Today’s Deck Tech breakdown comes from Blaine B., showcasing his “Finely Tuned Scouts” build that was able to claim first place at the MetaManiacs Championship Cup tournament:



Battle Cards:


Blaine is also the webmaster of MXDB

Blaine describes the feel of the deck as “scouts flying through the air” – spearheaded by the searching ability of Mikasa Ackermann – Lethal Force. He also identified the key role of Captain Levi (for his multiple boons), augmented by the flexibility of Battle Genius. Outside of the Character engine, Flanking was cited as essential for its ability to recover from mass-KO strategies. However, this means that the deck can still have trouble dealing with bounce effects – along with “discard decks” (especially GCPD).

On a final note, Blaine also mentioned the integral community effort of his local Phoenix playgroup – but only one pilot could win it all! Congratulations to Blaine, and check back next week for a look at the list from 2019 finalist (and 2018 champion) Nick G.



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