Tuesday Deck Tech: Mill Redux!

See the final Top 4 list from Gen Con below!

In 2018, Nick G won Gen Con’s tournament with a dedicated mill build. This year, his updated “attrition mill” list once again yielded successful results – all the way to a 2nd place finish!



Battle Cards:

This is a hardcore control deck, but Nick notes that it requires quick decision making in order to win the match before time is called. At first glance, the six copies of Unexpected Turnaround and Evil Parade set the tone for the entire list. This removal package is further augmented by Firestorm and Green Arrow, leaving a slower deck with few opportunities to strike.

Nick found the symmetrical draw effects to be key, as they allow him to deplete the opponent’s deck while also drawing into his own finishers like Bane and Batman. He also pointed out the significance of 1 STR/INT/SP (U92-JL) in this list, as it efficiently enabled repeated VPs (and mill) after clearing the board. Nick finds that the worst matchup is “any deck with enough speed and the ability to steal VP from a blank board” – such as the Scout Regiment deck he faced in the finals!

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