Four for Friday: Get in the Game!

New communities for NFL Five, MetaX’s card of the week, upcoming giveaways – and more below!

1. Official NFL Five Discord Server

DiscordThe official NFL Five Discord channel is now live, and you can sign up here. Log on to chat with Panini Games team members and fellow fans alike, with topics ranging from event organization to rules questions – and everything inbetween! In the future, follow along on Discord for exclusive previews, flash giveaway chances, and more.

2. NFL Five TCG Facebook Community


Join the NFL Five TCG Community on Facebook by clicking here. This new, fan-run Facebook group is another outlet to discuss NFL Five strategy and find local players in your area.

You can also follow the Panini Games page on Facebook here.

3. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

As seen in the most recent Deck Tech from Gen Con, Death in the Family is one of the only Events in the game capable of gaining MP. In control builds, it can quickly generate enough MP to play cards like Unexpected Turnaround or Evil Parade – but it has applications in nearly every type of deck. Aside from the MP boost, note that this is another effect that can clear out your own clogged Character Zone (similar to last week’s featured card Camaraderie).

4. September Schedule

Check back next week for a new September MetaX Giveaway, along with another deck spotlight from Gen Con on Tuesday. Also, stay tuned for our upcoming NFL Five debut giveaway – including photo coverage of launch weekend draft events!