Tuesday Deck Tech: Triple Trait!

See this week’s “Triple Trait” build below.

Continuing our look at the best decks from Gen Con, this week’s entry achieved 5th place in the MetaManiacs Championship Cup event. Today’s list comes from Jordan S, and his “Triple Trait” build is capable of explosive VP gains!



Battle Cards: 

This deck features an array of 7 SP Characters across different Traits, enabling access to the nuclear effect of 7 Special (C59-GL). Between Mikasa, Joke’s On You, 3 Special (C44-JL), and Diversity, there are multiple ways to find/replay the 7 Special – clearing the way for easy VPs. On top of that, all of these effects also empower the two card combo of Caped Crusader with 7 Intelligence (R138-AT) – adding an entirely different dimension to the deck! Other cards to consider:

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