Four for Friday: NFL Five Promos!

See the first NFL Five promo card below.

1. NFL Five Tournament Support

The NFL Five TCG is now available in hobby shops across the nation – and tournament support is on the way! “Early bird” stores will receive foil Eli Manning (P9-19) promo cards upon request:


Contact for any inquiries about Organized Play.

2. NFL Five Launch Giveaway

To celebrate the debut of NFL Five, Panini Games is hosting another giveaway – with both Starter Decks and Booster Packs up for grabs! Check back on Tuesday for contest details, then visit the Panini Games Facebook page to enter.


3. Card of the Week 


Seen as a singleton in this week’s Deck Tech, Finisher is a versatile effect in nearly any environment. Against opposing builds with beefy Characters (including Titans), Finisher generates fast and efficient KO’s for 0 MP. When this card is included in a deck with its own suite of Rank 7 Characters, it can become a mini card advantage engine – while serving as yet another example of the usefulness of “self-KO” effects.

4. Up Next

Aside from the giveaway kickoff on Tuesday, also check back next week for a Q&A with NFL Five designer Brian Fahmie – along with photos from live draft events, news about our September MetaX giveaway, and more!

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