Tuesday Tidbits: NFL Five Demo Video!

Check out a “How to Play” video below.

1. NFL Five “How to Play” Video

The NFL Five TCG has a new tutorial video, and you can find it on YouTube here!

2. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Recently seen in one of the Top 4 lists from Gen Con, Showdown is one of the most versatile “mass removal” effects in the game. In a deck that can quickly load the Character Zone, it can be used to deplete the opponent’s defensive options. Meanwhile, midrange and control builds can also leverage Showdown to stall the match (and answer certain Constant effects). In combo builds, look to combine this effect with Characters that ignore the KO – such as Solomon Grundy.

3. October Schedule

Tournament Kits shipments continue in October – contact op@paniniamerica.net for event support (including Demo Decks, P9-19, P4-19, and P5-19). Our next MetaX giveaway will begin on Friday the 18th, followed by an NFL Five Halloween giveaway! Watch for contest details to enter via the Panini Games Facebook page on October 25th, with winners announced on November 1st.

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