Tuesday Deck Tech: Incredible Aggro!

See another Top Cut list from Gen Con below.

This week’s Deck Tech continues our Gen Con coverage with Phil M’s Top 4 “Incredible Aggro” build. Phil is a MetaX developer, and his usage of Black Lanterns adds a real kick to this offensive juggernaut:



Battle Cards:

Phil describes the concept as an aggro deck that is “still capable of winning after the opponent has gained control of the board.” As a perfect complement to the early VP pressure from Joker and Batman, “reach” effects like Harley Quinn and 7 Intelligence allowed Phil to finish off wins in quick fashion (or sneak through a comeback victory)! The Darkness Grows was mentioned as the clear MVP of the deck, as it often “surprised opponents for 3-5 VP in a single turn out of nowhere.” The deck’s lack of significant card advantage can cause issues against hand destruction (either GCPD or Vixen), and Hero Control is a natural counter with Constantine and Wonder Woman – Amazon Princess.

Congratulations to Phil for the top 4 finish, and check back next week for a look at another Top Cut list from Gen Con!

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