Four for Friday: Auspicious August!

More from Gen Con – plus a sneak peek at the NFL Five TCG!

1. Gen Con Debriefing

There were sixteen players in attendance at Gen Con, and we’ll continue to shine a spotlight on some of the most exciting builds from the event (including the remaining Top Cut decks – see below). Aside from upcoming Deck Tech sessions on the blog, also look to MetaManiacs for more Championship Cup coverage. Meanwhile, here’s a photo of one of the top plays from Gen Con:

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 2.55.52 PM

Willpower on Wonder Woman – Amazon Princess against a board of 7 drops! 

2. Card of the Week


In honor of the champion’s list, Camaraderie is the card of the week. This non-stamped effect is available to any mono-Trait deck, though it is much less commonly seen than the similarly conditioned 3 STR/INT/SP. Drawing 2 cards for 0 MP is useful to almost every deck, but the ability to self-KO and clear space is this card’s biggest upside.

3. Deck Tech Previews

Following Blaine’s first place Scout Regiment breakdown, the next three Deck Tech entries will look at these Top 4 lists:

  • Runback Mill (Nick G.)
  • Incredible Aggro (Phil M.)
  • Honest Heroes (Brian L.)

4. NFL Five

The NFL Five Trading Card Games from Panini Games is coming soon! Watch for more info about the game’s late August debut – including an upload of the rulebook, demo deck, a full checklist, and more!