Tuesday Deck Tech: Heroic Push!

Find the latest Top Cut list from Gen Con below.

Following past coverage of semi-finalist and champion lists from Gen Con, today’s Deck Tech looks at another build from the Top 4. Heroes are one of the most supported factions in the game, and this list from Brian L. (founder of the MetaX TCG Community on Facebook) showcases the Trait’s strengths.



Battle Cards:

Brian explains the feel of the deck as methodical – but able to make pushes at the opportune moment. The deck often finds itself “controlling the pace of the match until swinging for 3 VP in a turn.” Brian’s MVP cards were also the core engine of the deck: Dick Grayson, Nightwing, and Heroic Charge. The flexibility of Heroic Charge and Nightwing allow the deck to shift roles in an instant, with Dick Grayson powering out potent Battle Cards like 6 Strength (R136-JL). This build’s worst matchups were identified as Characters that cannot be targeted – including effects such as Batman – Prepared, Captain Levi – Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, and Aquaman – Arthur Curry.

Kudos to Brian for his performance, and check back next week when the spotlight shines on a Mill deck from 2019 finalist (and 2018 champion) Nick G!

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