Four for Friday: Overtime Rules!

Overtime rules, NFL Five’s Card of the Week, and more below!

1. NFL Five FAQ

“Do you need to move beyond the opponent’s End Zone to score a Touchdown? For example, I am at the 5 yard line and play Draw Offsides (to get to the 0 yard line) – would this be considered a Touchdown?”

Yes, Draw Offsides would score a Touchdown in that scenario. Whenever your yardage marker moves to (or beyond) the opponent’s End Zone (at “0 yards”), you score a Touchdown.

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2. Overtime Rules

“What happens when the second half ends with the score tied?” 

NFL Five designer Brian Fahmie has implemented a system in which the “current Overtime rules of the NFL apply.”

After randomly determining which player will start with possession of the ball, set 10 units on the Game Clock. Each player begins Overtime with 2 Timeouts. Each player must have the opportunity to possess the ball once, unless the player that gets the ball first scores a touchdown on the opening drive. In that scenario, the player that scored the touchdown wins the game. Otherwise, the game ends on any score.

3. NFL Five Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

While some of the hardest hitting discard effects (such as Patrick Onwuasor) have a narrow chance of success, Jared Goff’s 5-9 range will allow you to consistently discard Action cards from the opponent’s hand. When utilized in a deck with other automatic discard effects (such as Josh Allen or Earl Thomas III on defense), Goff’s ability becomes even more useful – with the potential to lock your opponent out of Actions for the majority of the game! Restricting your opponent’s Action cards can create a huge advantage during On Field Adjustments, allowing you to reliably set up (or deny) a string of pre-planned plays.

4. Next Friday

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