Tuesday Tidbits: Happy Halloween!

See contest reminders below.

1. NFL Five FAQ

“How do I use the effect of a card like Jimmy Garoppolo to increase the range of a Pass play by +1?”

This means that you would be able to modify the range of the play in a way that increased its window of success by one digit. For example, Jimmy Garoppolo’s effect can be used to change a range of (4-6) to a range of (3-6) or a range of (4-7).

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Seen as a response in this month’s “spookiest card” vote, this Halloween themed Batman variant was also included in a Top 4 list from Gen Con. Aside from a splash to fuel stamped effects, this card also has an obvious home in interactive mill strategies – along with other worthwhile synergies! Look to pair this card with effects that benefit from filling the opponent’s discard pile (such as Come and Take It), and don’t underestimate the intangible value of preemptively answering certain Character cards before they can be drawn.

3. Halloween Giveaway 

There’s still time to enter our NFL Five Halloween contest before the Friday cutoff – then check back for the winners here on the blog! Don’t forget, bonus prizes are available for photo submissions (see here for more details). To those of you celebrating Halloween, Panini Games wishes you a safe and enjoyable holiday!