Tuesday Tidbits: November Notes!

See what’s next in November.

1. November Schedule

November is the month of giving thanks – and we’ll be showing our gratitude to you with two new giveaways! Check back later in the month for a chance to win a box of MetaX, and watch for our next NFL Five giveaway during the week of Thanksgiving. On top of that, stay tuned for more coverage Panini Games in November – including event photos, information about upcoming promo cards, and news about future releases!

2. NFL Five Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Cited as NFL Five designer Brian Fahmie’s favorite effect in the game, this card lives up to its name. In general, modifying the Play Strength allows you to fire off powerful effects (such as Interception) with consistency, while also having the potential to disrupt the ranges required by your opponent. Outperform’s ability to modify Play Strengths makes it supremely versatile, granting access to seven (out of the possible ten) Play Strength outcomes. Consider pairing this effect with Players that require a specific Play Strength, such as Mecole Hardman Jr.

3. Event Photos

Dave and Adam’s Card World in Williamsville, NY recently provided these photos of NFL Five action, noting that they’ve had extremely enthusiastic participants!


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