Four for Friday: Fall Findings!

Cap off the week with the latest news from Panini Games.

1. Organized Play Reminders 

This NFL season has passed its halfway point, and the first season of NFL Five Tournament Kits are still going strong! You can find a roundup of the currently available promos here. Tournament Kits and Demo Decks are freely available to stores hosting events – contact for more information. Also, stay tuned for details about new promo cards rotating soon!

You can see photos from NFL Five events around the nation here, here, and here. If you’d like your event to be featured on the blog, submit photos and tournament reports to

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Next week’s MetaX giveaway will ask players to pick a “bountiful” card – and Gifts is a prime example! There are only 11 cards in the game with the ability to see three new cards, with most requiring you to discard after drawing. Others have strict conditions or require specific situations, making Gifts the only universal way to draw 3 cards. Since the cards are not drawn immediately, this effect is more at home in midrange or control builds.

3. NFL Five FAQ

What happens when two players with ‘cancel’ abilities interact, such as JuJu Smith-Schuster vs. Darius Slay

NFL Five designer Brian Fahmie writes:

“Both abilities are negated, so the play gains the normal yards it would have (without any abilities affecting yardage/results calculation).”

4. Coming Up

Check back next week for the start of this month’s MetaX giveaway, along with more Panini Games news and notes. On top of that, don’t forget about the upcoming NFL Five Thanksgiving giveaway to end the month!