Four for Friday: ‘Tis the Season!

Warm up for the weekend with four new tidbits below.

1. Holiday Office Hours

Be sure to submit any shipping requests in the next two weeks. After that, all shipping will resume in January of the new year. If you’d like Tournament Kits for your local NFL Five events, contact

2. NFL Five Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Jameis Winston is one of the few cards in the game that can recur an Action from your discard pile, adding a great deal of flexibility to any deck. In focused builds, use his effect with offensive Actions like First Down and Draw Offsides – but remember that your opponent will be aware of which card went back to your hand. This ability also acts as a great counter to disruptive effects, and it can only become more powerful with additional interactions future expansions!

3. NFL Five Holiday Giveaway

To end the year, our NFL Five Holiday giveaway will once again offer the opportunity to win bonus prizes – watch for details when the contest kicks off on Tuesday, December 17th (with winners announced on December 20th)!

4. Next Week

Check back on Tuesday for our December MetaX giveaway, offering the chance to win a box via the Panini Games Facebook page. The contest will run for three days, with the winners announced here on Friday, December 13th!

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