Tuesday Tidbits: December MetaX Giveaway!

1. MetaX December Giveaway 

We’re ending 2019 with back to back giveaways, starting with today’s MetaX raffle to win a box! To enter, visit the Panini Games Facebook page and post your reply to the prompt:

Who is your favorite character from Attack on Titan/the DC Comics universe?


Three randomly selected winners will receive their choice of a Booster Box of Green Lantern, Attack on Titan, or Batman. Submit your entries before the December 13th deadline, then check back on Friday for the results!

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Nightwing – Adopted Son is commonly seen as a key player in Heroic Push decks, but his ability to filter cards is welcome in nearly any build. Beyond generic value, Nightwing’s effect also interacts with “reveal” mechanics such as Robin – Damian Wayne and 6 Intelligence (R136-AT). For an off-the-wall core, consider utilizing this card with Two-Face – Harvey Dent and Kyle Rayner – Beacon of Hope.

3. Next Week

Be sure to submit any Tournament Kit requests (OP@paniniamerica.net) before the end of next week, with regular shipments resuming in January. Watch for NFL Five Holiday Giveaway details on Tuesday, December 16th (including end of year bonus prizes!) – with winners announced on December 20th!

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