Tuesday Tidbits: Holding Strong!

MX COTW, an upcoming NFL Five giveaway, and more below.

1. NFL Five Giveaway

This month’s NFL Five giveaway will go live on Friday, with three winners receiving a Booster Box! The NFL Draft takes place next week, and our contest will give you the chance to play the role of GM! Check back for participation details on the 17th, then visit the Panini Games Facebook page to participate.

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Last week’s Green Lantern poll saw Blue Lanterns receive a lot of love, and Kyle Rayner – Beacon of Hope is one of the most appealing effects in the Trait. While this ability has obvious applications in decks revolving around basic Battle Cards like Blue Lanterns/Rogues Gallery, it is also powerful enough to see use as a splashed card advantage engine in miscellaneous builds. Finally, this also packs combo potential with Hand to Hand – or simply provides a generic shuffle in a pinch!

3. Stay Home Together

While sheltering in place, consider stopping by the official NFL Five Discord and the NFL Five TCG Fan Community. Aside from chatting about the game and finding answers to any rules questions, you can also find players looking to play matches online via webcam! Though shipments remain suspended, you can also submit any questions to OP@PaniniAmerica.net for a response.