Four for Friday: Green Lantern Winners!

Green Lantern winners, NFL Five checklist teasers, and more below!

1. Green Lantern Winners 

Last Friday, we asked win-a-box participants to visit the Panini Games Facebook page and post their favorite Lantern faction from MetaX. Every Lantern Trait received votes, but the lion’s share went to Red and Blue (with Red winning by a single vote). The three randomly selected winners:

  • Ryan C. (Red Lanterns)
  • Keelan Y. (White Lanterns)
  • Paul M. (Red Lanterns)

Thanks to all that participated, and watch for a chance to win a box of Attack on Titan in May!

2. NFL Five Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

After a breakout 2019, Chris Godwin is poised to make noise in the next season – and in the next release of NFL Five! Currently, C55-19 Chris Godwin provides the rare ability to draw Action cards. Aside from breaking the lock of an opposing hand destruction deck, this effect also digs deeper for key combo pieces (look for more potential interactions in the next set!).

3. NFL Five Set List Snacks

NFL Five’s first expansion set is scheduled to release in August.

  • The set will contain over 200 new Player cards, including at least one Kicker
  • There are ten “Power Up” cards in the set – watch for a full breakdown of this entirely new card type
  • There set includes four “Unique” Plays – watch for their debut as the first preview of spoiler season

4. Coming Up

Check back next week for the start of our April NFL Five giveaway, featuring a theme of “offseason acquisitions.” As the world continues to adjust to the ongoing pandemic, we will continue to update you with new information about our plans for the remainder of the year. Until then, please follow recommended guidelines and hold tight until we’re all through this!

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