Tuesday Tidbits: Draft Week!

See contest reminders and more below.

1. NFL Draft Giveaway

The NFL Draft will begin on Thursday, which is also the last day to submit an entry for our NFL Five Draft giveaway! Three randomly selected winners will receive a Booster Box – check back on the 24th to see the results!

2. MetaX COTW

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Red Lanterns received the most votes in this month’s MetaX poll, and Bleez – Crown Princess often serves as a consistent source of card advantage in Trait stamped builds. Beyond the powerful synergy found with Atrocitus – Survivor within her own faction, Bleez’s effect is also desirable in a wide range of Rainbow archetypes. Look for various interactions with the Titan trait, or in any build that packs a significant amount of KO effects.

3. Up Next

Aside from NFL Five winners on Friday, also watch for more teasers from the next expansion set (currently scheduled for an August release). Organized Play announcements are still pending, but you can expect the release of tournament documents for NFL Five soon. While shipments are currently suspended until resumption of normal office hours, you can still send any questions to OP@paniniamerica.net for a response.