Tuesday Tidbits: NFL Five 2020 Playbook!

See more spoilers from the next set below.

1. NFL Five Playbook Giveaway

NFL Five’s next set releases on August 21st, and the initial round of spoilers introduced “Unique Plays.” The next set includes four Unique plays in total, and all of them are Epics.


Two down…two to go! 

Friday’s upcoming NFL Five giveaway will also have a theme involving Plays – check back on July 17th for participation details!

2. NFL Five Spoiler Suite


Aaron Rodgers provides the ability to shut down opposing defensive Power Ups…


While Nick Bosa can regenerate Power Ups from your discard pile!

The set contains one Power Up at Legendary rarity – Adrenaline.


Be prepared for this card to enable potent combos with future Player reveals!

3. Coming Up

Friday’s NFL Five giveaway kick off will be accompanied by more spoilers from the next set – including a look at new Legendary Players! As the August 21st release date draws near, watch for information about launch promotions, along with a photo preview of the foil pattern, a full checklist upload, and more. NFL Five’s 2020 expansion set will be legal for our upcoming sponsored webcam meetups, so be sure to join the official NFL Five Discord for the latest event information.

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