NFL Five 2020 Launch Date + July Giveaway Winners!

See the first images from NFL Five’s next set!

The next set of NFL Five releases on August 21st. The upcoming expansion is fully compatible with NFL Five 2019 – taking strategic deck opportunities to new heights! The new set contains 282 cards, plus 25 additional alternate-art promos.


Coming August 21, 2020! 

Power Ups are a new subtype of Action Cards.



Power Ups are attached underneath one of your Player Cards. Power Ups remain on the field until that Player is taken off the field. There are also effects that can cause a Power Up to be removed. When a Power Up is discarded, it goes to the Action Discard Pile. Power Ups can be for offensive or defensive players, and often have limitations on which type of Player can use their effects.

Unique Plays are a new subtype of Plays.


Your Play Deck may contain a maximum of one Unique Play, so choose wisely!

NFL Five 2020 Rules Update – 2nd Half Action Card Draw

If you have less than 2 Action Cards in your hand at the start of the second half, you may opt to draw additional Action Cards, one at a time, until you have up to 2 Action Cards in your hand.


There are 17 Rookie cards to discover, and they drop at a rate of approximately one per box. NFL Five 2020 also features a new foil pattern – stay tuned for photos of the foil design, along with more previews and spoilers as we approach the August 21st launch!

Last Friday’s MetaX giveaway asked participants to visit the Panini Games Games Facebook page and post about the most underrated “Push” effect in the game. The three randomly selected winners, and their selections:

Thanks to all that participated, and you’ll have another chance to win with an NFL Five Playbook giveaway later this month!

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