Tuesday Tidbits: August Arrival!

See news about our upcoming launch giveaway below – plus new spoilers!

1. NFL Five Launch Giveaway

NFL Five 2020 releases August 21st, and we’ll be celebrating with a launch giveaway. Stay tuned for participation details, and look forward to more Booster Boxes than usual! Leading up to that, watch for a preview of the new foil pattern on the blog, along with more spoilers before the debut of the full checklist.

2. Epic Showcase

Today’s previews showcases six Epic cards (with a total of 24 in the new set).


Nick Chubb offers straightforward card advantage, which can help speed through your Action Deck (or stave off disruption).


Stefon Diggs is at his best with Exhaust effects, but you can also aim to save him for later in the drive.


Meanwhile, Derrick Henry introduces one of the most dynamic effects seen to date – think big!


Several cards provide the ability to remove a Power Up from the field, but Joey Bosa can do it without tackling.


Melvin Ingram III brings combo upside to the defensive side of the ball – especially when paired with certain Power Ups.


Finally, Harrison Smith adds a new slant for decks that attempt to disrupt the opponent’s Action cards.

3. August Appointments

MetaX’s 2.0 CRD update is still in the oven, look for its release in the near future. MetaX will also have a new Starter Deck giveaway on August 4th (with a theme of Rank 6 Characters), check back next Tuesday for entry information. After the release of NFL Five 2020, you can also look forward to sponsored webcam meetups – join the official NFL Five Discord to stay in the loop!

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