Tuesday Tidbits: NFL Five 2020 Launch Month!

A new MetaX giveaway, more NFL Five 2020 spoilers, and more below!

1. MetaX Starter Deck Giveaway

This month’s MetaX giveaway switches things up with an opportunity to win a two-player Attack on Titan Starter Deck set! To enter, visit the Panini Games Facebook page and post your reply to this question:

Think of your favorite Characters to use – do they mostly have a maximum rank of 5, a maximum rank of 6, or a maximum rank of 7?

Submit your entry before the August 11th deadline, then check back here next Tuesday for the results.

2. NFL Five 2020 Spoilers

Today’s gallery features a roundup of Rares.


Grady Jarrett’s effect takes advantage of opposing lineups without a Running Back – watch for more abilities that key off of position!


While OBJ’s effect is conditional, you’ll still be able to add a minimum of 5 yards in most situations.


Being able to fix the range on a Run play is always valuable, and Deshaun Watson offers this from the QB slot!


There are multiple ways to remove Power Ups, but Tyrann Mathieu offers a different solution through preemptively discarding them before they can hit the table!

3. NFL Five 2020 Launch

NFL Five 2020 releases on August 21st, and the full checklist will be available on August 14th. August 14th will also be the start date for our launch giveaway – check back next week for more details. If you’re interested in participating in sponsored webcam exhibitions after the next set comes out, be sure to stay in the loop via the official NFL Five Discord channel!

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