Four for Friday: Looming Launch!

See new NFL Five 2020 Uncommons below.

1. MetaX Starter Deck Giveaway

Our MetaX Starter Deck giveaway is still open for entry – see participation details here, then post your submission on the Panini Games Facebook page before August 11th! After that, check back here on Tuesday to see the results.

2. NFL Five 2020 Launch Giveaway

NFL Five 2020’s August 21st release is just two weeks away, introducing over 280 cards and a new cross-hatch foil pattern. Don’t miss the start of our NFL Five 2020 Launch giveaway on August 14th – where five Booster Boxes will be up for grabs!

2. Uncommonly Good

Today’s NFL Five 2020 spoiler gallery highlights four Uncommon cards:

Mark Andrews is able to add yardage without receiving the ball, allowing for big boosts when combined with other designated receiver effects.


Budda Baker offers a glimpse of the new Bench swapping interactions in the set.


Tremaine Edmunds provides access to a seldom-seen “replay the down” effect!


Dak Prescott’s ability salvages a stopped Pass, ensuring positive yardage even on an incomplete play.

4. Coming Up

On Tuesday, look for the final round of spoilers – followed by the full checklist upload on Friday. After the launch of the next set, watch for details about the upcoming NFL Five Pre-Season (including sponsored online Zoom meetups)!