Four for Friday: Preseason Pause!

Contest winners, COTW, and more below.  

1. NFL Five Preseason


The Preseason is off this weekend, and the final event of 2020 takes place November on Saturday, November 21st! Exhibition League play (Zoom invite here) will take place from 12-3 CST, and two randomly selected participants will receive invites to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament (note: playing a match is not required, you are eligible to win just by attending).

Join the official NFL Five Discord for practice webcam matches – along with general discussion and information about the game!

2. MetaX Winners

The winner’s from last week’s MetaX contest are in:

  • David G.
  • William D.
  • Sam S.

Thanks to those that participated, and watch for a chance to win Attack on Titan in December!

3. NFL Five Card of the Week


Philip Rivers and the Colts improved to 6-3 in last night’s victory, and his card in the 2020 set offers a big bang for the buck! While this type of ability is always useful, it gains an extra dimension once your deck’s Unique Play has hit the discard pile (which can then be saved to use on defense). At an “Uncommon” rarity, this is a highly desirable effect in the Draft format.

4. Coming Up

Next week, check back on Friday for the start of our NFL Five Thanksgiving giveaway (with a bonus Booster Box)! As the Preseason winds down, also stay tuned for a look at some of the top trends from NFL Five in 2020 – including a look at popular decks. If you’d like your deck featured on the blog, send your list to with “DECK TECH” in the title.