Tuesday Tidbits: Preseason Finale!

A new giveaway, the final Preseason event of 2020, and more below!  

1. NFL Five Thanksgivingaway  

Our NFL Five “Thanksgivingaway” will kick off on November 20th – with a bonus prize up for grabs! Check back here on Friday to see contest details, then visit the Panini Games Facebook page to enter.


2. MetaX Card of the Week


Ra’s Al Ghul – Assassin has the Rogues Gallery Trait, meaning his ability overlaps with all Basic/Intelligence Battle Cards. While this effect can be splashed in both team-stamped builds and Basic BC Potpourri decks, it is at its best when serving in a lead role. Aside from a high count of Intelligence Battle Cards, also look to combine this card copy effects (like Bizarro) – and hand disruption to stop potential blocks (such as Spoiler)!

3. Coming Up

Beyond Friday’s NFL Five giveaway, also check back later this week more news about the 2020 Preseason. The last event of the year takes place this weekend – find the Zoom invite and details here!