NFL Five Preseason Extension!

Three more events have been added to the calendar – see details below.

Last weekend’s Preseason exhibition league featured a match between Joe R. and Ralph R., and you can watch the archived footage here. On top of that, we’re also happy to announce a new wave of additional online (via Zoom) Preseason events extending into 2021! This round will also offer free promo cards to all virtual attendees – and two randomly selected participants at each event will receive an invite to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament! December’s Designer Challenge will see creator Brian Fahmie face off against a fan, followed by a Q&A session. In January, two exhibition sessions will provide participants the chance to spectate or play a casual match (with fans of all skill levels encouraged to attend).


  • December 12th: Designer Challenge 3-5 CST (Zoom invite here)
  • January 9: Exhibition League Play 3-6 CST (Zoom invite here)
  • January 31: Exhibition League Play 3-6 CST (Zoom invite here)

Following the Kickoff Tournament, NFL Five Organized Play will continue into the Regular Season and the NFL Five Championship. Watch for more information next year about Regular Season/Championship event dates, locations, and prizes.



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