Four for Friday: December Details!

New giveaways, Preseason info, and more below.

1. Preseason Schedule

The NFL Five Preseason continues next Saturday with a Designer Challenge (and Q&A) from 3-5 CST (Zoom invite here). All attendees will receive free promo cards upon request, and two randomly selected participants will win an invite to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament! See the calendar of upcoming events here.

2. December Giveaways 

The first of two holiday giveaways will begin next Friday, December 11th (featuring Attack on Titan Starter Deck gift sets). After that, don’t miss the start of our NFL Five win-a-box on December 22nd! The blog will be off on Friday, December 25th, and NFL Five winners will be announced here on the 29th.

3. Card of the Preseason


To date, almost every Designer Challenge or Exhibition match has seen at least one copy of L190-19 Luke Kuechly hit the field. This versatile effect from the first set gained several new tools in the 2020 expansion (including Not This Sunday), and it only has room to grow from here. Consider pairing this card with Energize effects for maximum flexibility, and don’t forget that you can also grab Offensive Actions to save for later.

4. Coming Up

Check back next week for MetaX contest details, featuring a theme of “pairs.” Also, look for information about Preseason promo card availability (and details about how to obtain them).