Four for Friday: February Exhibition!

See contest winners, Preseason details, and more below.  

1. NFL Five Preseason 


Join us on Sunday, February 28th from 3-6 CST (invite here) for Exhibition League play – including free promos for all virtual attendees!


Participants will have the option to play a webcam match, and spectating is encouraged. At the end of the event, two randomly selected winners will receive an invite to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament

2. NFL Five Giveaway Winners 

Last week’s NFL Five contest asked for entrants to name a high impact card from the 2020 set, and all of the responses chose Player cards. While Ndamukong Suh received support for “changing the game,” the top vote was split between Patrick Mahomes II and Justin Tucker. The randomly selected winners:

  • Peter S. (Tom Brady)
  • Nick F. (Patrick Mahomes II)
  • Keith M. (Justin Tucker)

Thanks to everyone that participated, and watch for another chance to win in March!

3. NFL Five Card of the Week


Justin Tucker received praise in this week’s poll, and his introduction of Bench abilities will lead to interesting applications in sets to come. Since his effect is active on the sideline, you’ll always send out the same four players on offense (leading to various advantages and inconveniences). Since this card increases your ability to complete Field Goals, consider utilizing this card in a slower (but consistent) build.

4. Next Week

Check back on Tuesday for a recap of this weekend’s Preseason event, and stay tuned in March for news about Preseason plans for April and beyond. You can also look forward to two new giveaways in March – as well as new promo availability. If you’d like your deck featured on the blog, message with “DECK TECH” on the title.