Tuesday Tidbits: March Agenda!

See Preseason results, new release teasers, and more below!

1. Preseason Results


Last weekend’s Exhibition League saw a new name added to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament Qualified Players list – congratulations to Nam D! There are two more Preseason events this month – a Designer Challenge on the 13th and an Exhibition meetup on the 28th. Preseason promos in March will rotate to P1-19 Budda Baker, P14-19 Wesley Woodyard, P9-19 Eli Manning,  and the 2020 promo P25 Montez Sweat.


2. NFL Five Teasers

The next release for NFL Five is still a way off, but there’s already exciting news to share. Stay tuned for information about multiple new card types (including one that begins the game in play), as well as various updates to the rules! More details to come…

3. Coming Up

Watch for two new giveaways in March, starting with a Justice League Starter Deck contest on the 5th (followed by an NFL Five win-a-box at the end of the month). Aside from coverage of this month’s Preseason events, you can also expect announcements about Organized Play plans for April and beyond – including new promos and more!