Four for Friday: Rookie Giveaway!

See contest detail and four new NFL Five effects below.

Today’s NFL Five giveaway revolves around “Rookie predictions” – but first here are four new Rookie card facts from the next set of NFL Five:

  • There are 18 new Rookie cards in NFL Five 2021, and six of them are QBs.
  • The highest Rookie Player Rating is 80, and his effect has a positive interaction with other Players that have a similar Player Rating!
  • Be on the lookout for a Rookie with the ability to search your deck for a Play card at the end of a down.
  • Also watch for a Rookie that receives a boost if there is a Weather card on the field. Weather cards are a new subtype of “Gridiron” cards – stay tuned for a full breakdown of all the new NFL Five 2021 card types in the near future!

NFL Five Giveaway

This month’s NFL Five giveaway will provide three winners with a Booster Box of NFL Five 2019! To enter, visit the Panini Games Facebook page and post your reply to the following:

Which Rookie do you think will make an immediate impact in the upcoming NFL season?

The three randomly selected winners will be announced here next Friday, so be sure to submit your entry before the May 28th deadline!

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