Four for Friday: Gridiron Previews!

See NFL Five giveaway winners below, plus a look at the new Gridiron card type!

NFL Five 2021 will add several new card types to the game, including Superstar players, Synergy cards that begin the game in play, and Gridiron cards.

  • Gridiron cards generally stay in play face-up on the table, and they have different subtypes.
  • Watch for “Environment” Gridiron cards like the upcoming “Crowd Noise”
  • “Weather” Gridiron cards will modify the game for both players, and only one may be in play at a time
  • “Stadium” Gridiron cards represent the location of the match, such as “Domed Stadium”

As we approach the official release of NFL Five 2021, watch for a full breakdown (and card previews) of Gridiron cards and more new card types!

Last week’s NFL Five win-a-box asked for participants to predict which Rookies will have the biggest impact in 2021. QBs led the way, with Trevor Lawrence and Trey Lance receiving the most votes – followed closely by Najee Harris and DeVonta Smith. The randomly selected winners:

  • Thomas S (DeVonta Smith)
  • Jesse H (Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah)
  • Justin Y (Kyle Pitts)

Thanks to everyone for participating – and watch for two new giveaways in June!