Four for Friday: June AoT Winners!

See contest results and new NFL Five 2021 teasers below.

Gridiron cards, Superstar players, and Synergy cards are new card types coming in NFL Five 2021. Before we get to today’s contest winners, here are four specific effects to look forward to in the next set:

  • Synergy – Synergy is active if all of your player cards have Rarities that are less than or equal to Rares. Gain an additional 5 yards on each successful offensive play. Your opponent’s successful plays gain 5 fewer yards. At the start of each possession, you may draw a card from your Play or Action deck.
  • Gridiron – Cancel all “Replay the Down” effects.
  • Superstar player – Tackle: The play gains 15 fewer yards.
  • Power Up – The attached player is unaffected by Weather and Environment effects. When this card goes to the discard pile, draw a card.

Last week’s Attack on Titan giveaway asked for participants to name the most powerful individual card in the game. Captain Levi – Juggernaut was the most common response, with a mix of Battle Cards and Events following behind! The randomly selected winners:

Thanks to everyone that participated, and watch for another chance to win with an NFL Five giveaway kicking off on June 25th!

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