Four for Friday: AoT Giveaway + June Exhibiton!

See giveaway details, Preseason reminders, and “Synergy” previews below!

1. NFL Five Preseason

June’s final Preseason event takes place this Sunday on Zoom – join us from 3-6 CST for an Exhibition meetup (invite here)! Virtual attendees will receive this month’s exclusive promos, with the option to participate in an online webcam match. At the end of the event, you’ll also have a chance to win an invite to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament.

2. MetaX Giveaway

This month’s MetaX contest will give away 3x Attack on Titan two-player Starter Deck sets, featuring a theme of “Powerhouse cards.” To enter, visit the Panini Games Facebook page and post your reply to the following:

What is the most powerful individual card in the game?

The three randomly selected winners will be announced here next Friday, so be sure to submit your entry before the June 18th deadline.

3. NFL Five 2021

There are several new types of cards in the next set of NFL Five, and so far we’ve previewed Gridiron cards and Superstar players. Today, here are some new facts about the game-changing “Synergy” card type:

  • Your deck may include one Synergy card, and it begins the game in play
  • Synergy cards have lineup requirements, such as “Synergy is active if all of your Players have different positions” or “Synergy is active if you only have 1 QB” – leading to a more diverse competitive environment!
  • Synergy cards provide powerful effects for the duration of the game – such as the ability to modify the success range of Grit, or an effect that allows you to swap in bench players at the end of each down

4. Coming Up

After the end of Preseason events, watch for information about more online meetups in July and August – as well as the return of Tournament Kits for in-store events. Following next week’s Attack on Titan winners, a new NFL Five giveaway will also kick off on June 25th. In the near future, be on the lookout for the official release date of NFL Five 2021 – along with card spoilers, a foil pattern preview, and more!

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