Four for Friday: Justice in July!

See contest details and four new NFL Five 2021 spoilers below.

NFL Five 2021 is releasing soon, and you can expect an official launch date in the near future. After that, be on the lookout for the full checklist, card images, a new foil pattern, launch giveaways, and more! For now, here are four new Player effects from the next set:

  • Quarterback – Exhaust: Look at the top 3 cards of your Play deck. Put one in your hand and the other 2 back on the top of your deck in any order. Exhaust only at the end of the play.
  • Center – Exhaust: Choose another player you control. For the rest of this down, that player is unaffected by any Weather effects. Exhaust at the start of possession or the start of a down.
  • Running Back – Run: You may return a Gridiron card from your discard pile to your hand.
  • Kicker – Bench: Discard a non-Play card from your hand and choose a Grit value. Determine Grit and if you chose correctly, take possession of the ball at the 50-yard line. Otherwise, your opponent takes possession at the 50-yard line. Activate this ability only at the end of the play in which you scored a Field Goal or Touchdown. This ability may only be used once per game.

This month’s MetaX giveaway will provide three randomly selected winners with 2x Starter Decks of Justice League, with a theme of “flashy cards.” To enter, visit the Panini Games Facebook page and post your reply to the following:

What is the flashiest effect in MetaX?

The results will be announced here on Friday, so be sure to submit your entry before the July 16th cutoff!

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