Four for Friday: Engaging Epics! 

See all of the Epics from the next set below!

1. MetaX Giveaway Reminder

This month’s Attack on Titan giveaway is still open for entry – see participation details here. Post your reply on the Panini Games Facebook page before August 17th, then check back here on Tuesday for the results! 

2. NFL Five 2021 Preview Gallery

The August 18th launch of NFL Five 2021 is just days away! Today’s preview gallery provides images of every Epic card in the set:

3. NFL Five Free Play 

The next NFL Five Free Play online meetup takes place on Saturday, August 21 from 3-5 CST (Zoom invite here). All virtual attendees will receive their choice of four promo cards from the Preseason – and you’ll have a chance to chat about the new set with creator Brian Fahmie! 

4. Coming Up

On Monday, you can see a box break of NFL Five 2021 on Zoom at 7 CST here. On Tuesday, watch for the release of the full checklist. After that, don’t miss our launch giveaway on the 20th! 

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