Tuesday Tidbits: NFL Five 2021 is Here! 

See the full checklist for the new set below – plus a CRD update, contest winners, and more!

1. NFL Five 2021 Checklist 

NFL Five 2021 releases tomorrow! Every card in the set (including promos) can be viewed in the checklists section here. You can also see the set’s foil pattern here

2. NFL Five CRD 2.0 

Version 2.0 of the NFL Five CRD is available in the Tournament Documents section here. The latest updates are in red – pay special attention to the new Action card hand size (three) and draw rules (at the end of each down). 

3. Attack on Titan Winners

Last week’s Attack on Titan giveaway asked participants to name their favorite Trait in the game. Villains claimed a narrow victory, followed by the Scout Regiment. The winners:

  • Michael S. (Villain)
  • Bryan M. (Scout Regiment)
  • Kevin R. (Red Lantern)

Thanks to everyone that participated, and watch for another MetaX giveaway in September.

4. Coming Soon

Check back on Friday for our NFL Five 2021 launch giveaway! An online Free Play event also takes place this weekend – see details here.