Four for Friday: Launch Giveaway!

NFL Five 2021 win-a-box, online event information, a box break, and more! 

1. NFL Five 2021 Launch Giveaway

NFL Five 2021 released this week, and we’re celebrating with a new giveaway! Three randomly selected winners will receive a Booster Box of NFL Five 2021. To enter, visit the Panini Games Facebook page and post your reply to the following:

What is your favorite card effect in the new set?  

The results will be posted here next Friday – be sure to submit your entry before the August 27th deadline! 

2. NFL Five Free Play

Join us tomorrow on Zoom from 3-5 CST for a Free Play online meetup (invite here). Virtual attendees at this event will receive four promos of their choice (selected from the pool of Preseason exclusives). This event provides the opportunity to play a webcam match against an online opponent, or you can simply spectate and chat! 

3. NFL Five Box Break

See a box break of NFL Five 2021 here. In this video, game creator Brian Fahmie provides a strategic breakdown of numerous cards in the set – while showing off the new foils! 

4. NFL Five Rulebook

NFL Five 2021 Starter Decks include an updated Rulebook (v2.0). You can view the new Rulebook in the Tournament Documents section here. You can also see the 2021 play-mat here

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