Four for Friday: Halloweekend! 

See contest reminders, news for November, and more below. 

1. Contest Reminders

Our NFL Five Halloween giveaway is still open for entry, with three Booster Boxes of the 2022 set up for grabs. See participation details here, then visit the Panini Games Facebook page to enter. 

2. NFL Five CRD

The NFL Five CRD (v3.0) is coming next Tuesday – be on the lookout for the latest clarifications and updates. Revisions to the Tournament Guide are also coming in November (with changes to Timed Wins in tournaments, deck building restrictions on Unique cards, and more). 

3. November Happenings 

The next NFL Five Free Play event takes place on November 12th – see event details here. November will bring two new giveaways, starting with a chance to win Attack on Titan (followed by NFL Five 2022 Starter Decks later in the month). Also coming in November: photo coverage from a recent draft event, including suggested guidelines and formats for running your own draft event. 

4. Happy Halloween!

Panini Games wishes you a safe and spooky Halloween weekend!