NFL Five CRD v3.0 

See the latest CRD changes, NFL Five Halloween giveaway winners, and more below!

v3.0 of the CRD is available in the Tournament Documents section here – find the the latest updates in red. In the near future, watch for the release of the new Tournament Guide, which includes:

  • revisions to “timed win/loss” conditions for single elimination rounds
  • an introduction to the concept of the PUP (”Physically Unable to Play”) list, which exempts certain cards from a given tournament format (note: there are currently no cards on the PUP list
  • deckbuilding guidelines for tournament play, including a modified restriction on Unique cards 

Note: the Minnesota Vikings will also receive a special exemption in the Tournament Guide that allows their Synergy Card to be used with four defensive Player Cards for the 2022 season.

Last week’s NFL Five Halloween giveaway asked participants to name their pick for the scariest card to face, and Aaron Donald was the runaway victor. Also receiving multiple votes: Deion Sanders, Fred Warner, and Ray Lewis – a defensive landslide! The winners:

  • Mike H. (Aaron Donald)
  • Christian L. (Deion Sanders) 
  • Ben C. (T.J. Watt)

Thanks to everyone that participated, and be on the lookout for two more chances to win coming up in November!