Four for Friday: November News!

See what’s coming up in November below.

1. NFL Five Free Play

Is it already November?! This month’s NFL Five Free Play event takes place next weekend on Saturday, November 12th from 3-5 CST. All virtual attendees will receive four promo cards of their choice, and two new options to be added to the pool! 

2. November Giveaways

The first of two November giveaways will kick off next Friday with Attack on Titan Starter Decks. After that, our NFL Five Thanksgivingaway event will award extra prizes – stay tuned for contest at the end of the month.

3. Tournament Guide 

Version 3.0 of the NFL Five CRD was released on Tuesday, and an update to the Tournament Guide is coming soon. No cards will be included on the initial PUP (“physically unable to play”) list, but be on the lookout for tournament deck building guidelines (including the ability to play a maximum of one “Unique” card total). 

4. Up Next 

Coming this month: coverage of a recent Draft event, plus suggestions for alternate formats. To find the latest discussion about the CRD (along with deck strategy, collecting, and more) join the official NFL Five Discord channel. If you’d like your deck featured on the blog, send your list to with “DECK TECH” in the title. 

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