Four for Friday: December Decisions!

See what’s coming up in December below.

1. NFL Five Free Play

This month’s NFL Five Free Play event takes next weekend on Saturday, December 10th from 3-5 CST on Zoom. All virtual attendees will receive four promos of their choice, with P23 Rob Gronkowski P24 Ryan Tannehill newly added to the pool of eligible selections. 

2. December Giveaways

There are two new giveaways coming in December, starting with Justice League Starter Decks next week. After that, watch for a NFL Five holiday giveaway – with both Starter Decks and Booster Boxes up for grabs! 

3. Tournament Documents

The Tournament Guide and NFL Five CRD have both been recently updated – pay special attention to deck building restrictions regarding Unique cards and other minor updates. To stay on top of the latest developments in this new environment, join the discussion on the official NFL Five Discord channel

4. Coming Up 

Check back next week for the start of our MetaX giveaway, plus a look at some of the most popular Synergy cards in the current metagame. If you’d like your deck featured on the blog, send your list to with “DECK TECH” in the title. 

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