Tuesday Tidbits: Dishing December!

See upcoming contest details, NFL Five’s Card of the Week, and more below.

1. Justice League Giveaway

This month’s Justice League giveaway will begin on Friday – featuring a theme of “free cards!” 

Check back here for participation details, then post your reply on the Panini Games Facebook page before the December 16th deadline. 

2. NFL Five Card of the Week 

Decks that revolve around the Detroit Lions have access to one of the most potent Player effects in the game (in the form of Barry Sanders), but the Synergy card’s overwhelming consistency is the core identity of the archetype. Utilize this Grit manipulation effect on offense to guarantee success on key plays – and consider a wide variety of defensive abilities that take advantage of the Synergy effect too!

3. Coming Up

After this week’s JLA contest, watch for a special NFL Five holiday giveaway at the end of the month. December’s NFL Five Free Play event takes place this weekend – see event details here. If you’d like your deck featured on the blog, send your list to OP@paniniamerica.net with “DECK TECH” in the title.