Z Warrior Mailbag – Super Snow Edition (2/3/2015)

Hello everyone! Time continues hurtling toward the release of Heroes and Villains. In just four short weeks, the new cards will be in your hands. That’s only three Mailbag articles from now! With approvals in the final stages, preview cards will start rolling out in the immediate future. Next week, a new “Card of the Week” series will be kicked off with the reveal of a Level 1 MP.  It’s been too cold, but come March the exhilaration of new DBZ matches should warm things up. Continue reading

Z Warrior Mailbag (1/27/2015)

Howdy! The thirst for new information about the next set continues unabated – almost every e-mail received this week was a question about DBZ: Heroes and Villains. The development of the set is still ongoing, and I am excited to see how these cards will impact the tournament scene. I hope everyone is looking forward to the result, and it seems that time is flying towards the March release. On to the questions:

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Z Warrior Mailbag (1/20/2015)

Hello everyone! This week’s mailbag haul featured quite a few questions about the next expansion set. DBZ: Heroes and Villains will be available in early March, and it seems like everyone is dying to know what kind of cards, effects, and characters to expect. While a full rollout of info is still a few weeks off, there is still a lot of new information to be excited about. Let’s begin.

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Z Warrior Mailbag (1/9/2015)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the inaugural edition of the Z Warrior Mailbag! I hope everyone had a nice holiday season, and I know many of you had a chance to attend tournaments with the newly released promo cards and play mat. Moving forward, you’ll see the Tournament Guide posted soon, and information about the “Heroes and Villains” expansion set will trickle in as we inch towards the March release. Now, let’s get to it!

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